Preparing your house to be rent ready

Did you buy a property for the purpose of investment? Or do you plan to buy a property for investment purpose? Or do you have empty property and thinking of renting your house out to earn some extra monies? With so many house for rent in cyberjaya, this guide will share with you some inexpensive and useful tips to boost your house rental value and understanding how to attract tenants.

Preparing your house to be rent ready

Change the locks

Before you rent out your house, make sure you change the locks at your house for safety purpose: garage gate, side gate, main door,  mailboxes and also your alarm codes. Changing the locks is important because your old tenants might have a spare keys of your doors or the alarm code for your alarm system at home. Therefore, it is better to play safe and change all the locks and reset your alarm code to prevent any unnecessary problems in the future.

Clean your carpets

Next, you should have your carpets clean thoroughly because carpets attract dirts and dusts. Send your carpets to the nearest laundry and have the full steam and shampoo service to clean your carpet.

Beautify your yard

Beautify your garden if you have fun. Trim the bushes, mown the lawn, prune the flowering trees and fix the sprinkler heads if they are broken. You may also add in some new plants to your collection if you have any. Do not forget to clean the dirt in between the cracks of the tiles, the patio and the sidewalks.

Clean the air filters

You want to make sure your tenants get fresh air instead of air contaminated with dust and dirt. Clean your air filters, or change them if it is necessary. Use disposable air filters  to make your life easier if you dread cleaning the air filter.

Clean the interior of the house

I cannot stress this enough as this is the most basic rule in boosting your house rental value in Kuala Lumpur: cleanliness. Many people overlook the basic rule of keeping their house in a clean condition. This includes both the inside and the outside. Clear the garbage, sweep and mop the floor, clear the mess, make sure the pathway is clear of unwanted objects. Keep your unit clean, tidy and clear of obstruction.

Check condition of ceiling fans

Do have your ceiling fans serviced before you rent out your property, especially ceiling fans that have been working for a long time. Make sure the condition of your ceiling fans is still working good. Replace them if it is no longer working. Clean the fan thoroughly to keep it free from dirt and dust.

Spiderwebs free

Check your house and make sure that it is 100% clean before renting it out. Most people missed out the step of checking for spiderwebs, especially spiderwebs that are located at the corner, edge of the walls, behind the doors and on the lights.

Clean the windows and sliding doors

Get  your broken windows or glass doors replaced before renting your place out. If it is still in a good condition, make sure that the sliding door is still sliding well and most importantly, clean and free from dirt. Dirty sliding door might cause the sliding door to get stuck and it will definitely cost more to fix than to clean the door on your own.

Pests control

Engage with pest control company to have your place sprayed on a monthly basis to prevent any pest problems. The last thing that you would want to hear is that your tenant gets diagnosed with Dengue fever at your house. Prevention is always better than cure.

Repainting, repairing & fixing

Choosing the right paint, the right color makes a huge difference. Using the right paint can instantaneously revive and brighten your initially dull looking unit. Hence, choose a color that will brighten up your unit or a color that adds a touch of liveliness for your unit. Service your air conditioner once in awhile. Just like your wellbeing. You constantly maintain it instead of only trying to stay healthy when you fall ill. Furthermore, maintenance fee will be much cheaper than repairing fees sometimes. Notice a clogged sink or toilet bowl? Fix it. Notice a leak in the kitchen? Fix it. Notice a damaged light bulb? Change it. Has it been one year since you last serviced your air conditioner? If yes, it is time to service it. Is the heater still working? If not, service it. Keep the cabinets, sinks and tubs scratch free and clean. Service them all while the problems are still minor. Do not wait until it becomes a major problem and end up being a damage where you cannot repair and the only way is to replace a new one. That will then cost you a whole lot more than just servicing and maintaining.

In conclusion, getting your house ready to be rent is not a difficult task if you follow the above tips. It is actually not a hard job to boost your house rental value in Kuala Lumpur if you follow all these tips. Make some simple improvements to your unit and make your tenants feel like it is more than just a house but a home sweet home. Most importantly, they are mostly low cost. You will be blown away on how much of a huge difference it can make if you follow all these tips and at the same time, boost your house rental value in Kuala Lumpur.

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